Chilean Foodhyme Recipes

Watt's is a brand with a long tradition and prestige in the country. their origins in the 30s when Mrs. Watt Nelly Styles decides to confront the serious economic crisis affecting the world, Chile in particular, with the best weapons: his homemade jams. with the traditional secret recipes and the best fruit set up a small business which would be called "Watt's homemade jams & jellies."

Soon the fame of his jams would spread throughout Chile and the business begin to grow. The trademark was registered in a simplified and as was already known, was born "Watt's". Industrialization and diversification did not wait to jam added a new product that would become one of the most emblematic of Watt's: the nectars. Damascus, peach and pear flavors were the first of this new unique product of its kind in Chile. A release that also mark other features like the ability to innovate and make trend the market that have accompanied the brand since its inception.

It was from the 80 decade that industrialization, diversification and reached large scale growth and led to the brand to a class position, which has been increasing every year.

Watt's the path that is now the market is recognized by consumers who associate it with quality, flavor and best of the fruit. It also has the backing of Watt's SA, one of the companies largest food country with prestigious brands such as Chef, Belmont, Loncoleche, Calo and Southern, among others.