200+ Herbal Foods and Their Health Benefits

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Eating is too important to humankind for its story to boil down to tidy pantry lists and shortbread recipes. The adjustment of taste, aroma, texture, and longevity in modern food derives from some 2,800 additives.

Since the seventeenth century, processors of food have relied primarily on natural additives – salt, smoke, sugar, and vinegar – to enhance the flavor and shelf life of beef, century eggs (preserved eggs), ham, herring, hominy, kimchi, lutefisk, salmon, and sauerkraut. Fresh herbs like mint, basil, and tarragon have long been prized throughout the world for their curative properties.

Read on for a list of herbs that are commonly used to create delicious dishes, as well as their health benefits:

S.No. Herb Food Use Health Benefits
1 agar soup, sauce, jelly, dessert flavoring, soup, salad, game, constipation, malaise, obesity
2 alecost poultry, stuffing, fruitcake, beer cold, congestion, cramp, pain, sunburn
3 alexander flavoring, fritters, salad, stew, fish, candy poor appetite
4 alfalfa tea arthritis
5 almond candy, liqueur, cake, marzipan constipation, cough, sunburn
6 angelica crystallizing, syrup, tea, beverage, fruit salad, ice cream flatulence, nausea, rhinitis, indigestion
7 anise fruit salad, garnish, soup, cake, bread, pie, candy, sauce, cheese, pickles, curry,fish, liqueur, stew colic, congestion, cough, nausea, poor lactation, flatulence
8 artemisia stuffing, tea infection, rheumatism
9 arugula syrup, snack seed, salad, sauce, vegetable, garnish cough
10 balm tea, beverage fever, cold, headache, cramp
11 balsam flavoring bleeding, healing, kidney disease, worms, scabies, hemorrhoids
12 bamboo salad, garnish edema, fever, tension
13 basil salad, vegetable, soup, flavoring insomnia, muscle cramp, rhinitis, sinusitis, fever, nausea, dysentery
14 bay bouquet garni, marinade, stock, pâté, stuffing, curry indigestion, rheumatism, sprain
15 bearberry tea urinary and venereal disease
16 beech nut, oil, potherb burn, infection, worms, tuberculosis, diabetes
17 benzoin flavoring, beverage sores, healing, croup, laryngitis, chap
18 bergamot salad, tea, beverage, wine, stuffing, jam, jelly, meat, milk congestion, flatulence, insomnia, menstrual pain, sore throat
19 betel palm nut, salad malaise, indigestion, gum disease, tapeworm
20 bistort roasted rhizome, soup, flour, salad enteritis, dysentery, skin irritation, bleeding
21 black birch candy, oil sore muscles, pain
22 black locust tea anemia, headache, stomach pain
23 black mustard salad, condiment bronchitis, congestion
24 blackberry beverage, vinegar, wine, jelly, pudding, ice cream, meat sauce edema, skin ulcer, sore throat, urinary infection
25 boneset tea flu, malaria, kidney disease, typhus, sweating
26 borage salad, candy, garnish, beverage, yogurt, cheese, pickles, sandwich, stuffing, tea, wine bruise, dry skin, fever, urinary pain, tension, inflammation
27 bouncing bet beer constipation, acne, boil, poison ivy, kidney pain
28 buckthorn broth constipation, bleeding, wart
29 bugloss cordial, candy headache, inflammation, malaise, rhinitis, tension
30 burdock salad, vegetable, soup rheumatism, gout, leprosy, sores
31 burnet salad, butter, garnish, vegetable, vinegar, dressing, beverage enteritis, dry skin, edema, bleeding, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, poor appetite, gout, plague, indigestion
32 calamint tea bruises, colic, cough, flatulence
33 calendula food coloring, flavoring, cheese, yogurt, butter, cake, milk, bread, fish, game, garnish, fruit salad, pâté, stew cracked nipples, halitosis, inflammation, sores, varicose veins, wound
34 camphor tree veneer, candy, soap, soft drink, potpourri hysteria, heart pain, epilepsy, bruise, rheumatism, emphysema, gout, sprain, cold
35 cañaigre tea sore throat, enteritis, bleeding
36 caraway meat, game, soup, bread,cake, biscuit, pie, fruit, cheese, snack food, candy, liqueur flatulence, halitosis, spasm, indigestion, poor appetite
37 catnip meat, tea, salad, herb bruise, colic, fever, toothache, insomnia, headache, upset stomach
38 celery soup, stock, sauce, salad, oil flavoring malaise, flatulence, scurvy, jaundice
39 chamomile tea arthritis, chapped skin, dandruff, eczema, gingivitis, indigestion, insomnia, malaise, menstrual pain, morning sickness, sore eyes, teething, windburn
40 chaparral tea cough, arthritis, cancer
41 chat tea malaise
42 chervil omelette, salad dressing, roast fowl, eggs congestion, poor appetite, poor circulation
43 chickweed salad, vegetable, herb constipation, eczema, hemorrhoids, inflammation, psoriasis, skin disease, sores, ulcer, tumor, sore eyes
44 chicory salad, pickles, vegetable, beverage, coffee flavoring, soup, stew edema, constipation, gallstone, inflammation, urinary infection, poor lactation, jaundice, kidney stone, swelling
45 Chinese lantern jam, jelly kidney stone, gout, infection, typhoid, worms
46 chives salad, soup, poultry, meat, potato, cooked vegetable, fish, spread congestion, hypertension
47 chocolate tree candy, beverage, soap skin irritation, burn
48 clary wine, flavoring, potpourri, beer, omelet, soup eye irritation, upset stomach, splinter
49 cleavers coffee or tea substitute, soup kidney stone, bladder pain, wounds, scurvy, malaise, psoriasis
50 clove spice, flavoring, tea toothache, nausea, athlete’s foot, hernia, flatulence, enteritis
51 clover, red vegetable insomnia, spasm, acne, cough, cold, burn
52 clover, sweet cordial, sausage, meat, stuffing, beef, cheese, tea cut, headache, indigestion, infection, pain, sore eyes, wound, spasm
53 coca shrub beer high blood pressure, pain, malaise
54 coffee beverage, candy, flavoring heart pain, malaise, headache
55 coltsfoot salad asthma, cough, flu, rhinitis
56 comfrey tea, salad, vegetable cough, diaper rash, dry hair, infection, skin damage, varicose veins, wound, bronchitis, psoriasis, broken bone
57 coriander stir-fry, soup, sauce, cookies, vegetable, poultry, aperitif indigestion, rheumatism, soreness, tension
58 cotton seed oil childbirth pain, menstrual pain
59 couch grass coffee or tea substitute, grain urinary disease
60 cow parsnip vegetable, salt substitute headache, toothache, acne, epilepsy
61 cowslip jam, wine, pickles, salad, dessert, stuffing, vegetable cough, headache, insomnia, tension, wound
62 cress salad, sauce, garnish infection
63 culver’s root tea blood thinner, tuberculosis, enteritis, liver disease, constipation
64 cup plant tea, chewing gum cold, neuralgia, bleeding, menstrual flooding, compress
65 dandelion tea, salad, wine, coffee constipation, dry skin, eczema, edema, gout, hypertension, insomnia, kidney or gallbladder pain, sallow skin
66 dianthus salad, pie, sandwich, flavoring, jam, vinegar, wine, syrup tension
67 dill salad, pickles, apple pie, salmon, herbed butter, oil, mayonnaise, mustard, soup, flavoring, bread colic, flatulence, hiccups, indigestion, stomach cramp
68 dittany tea fever, kidney stone, stomach cramp
69 dock salad toothache, itch, acne
70 dog rose syrup, jelly rabies, skin inflammation, fever, poultice
71 elderberry wine, syrup cough, skin inflammation, constipation, congestion, kidney disease
72 elecampane candy, wine indigestion, congestion, asthma, spasm, inflammation
73 English holly tea substitute jaundice, malaria, fever, malaise
74 Eucalyptus syrup bronchitis, infection, asthma, cough
75 European alder smoking fish or meat inflammation, fever, lice, scabies
76 European chestnut nut, flour, soup, bread, cake, oil enteritis, cough, cold, inflammation
77 evening primrose vegetable, pickles, salad, aperitif hypertension, menstrual pain, multiple sclerosis
78 eyebright tea red or sore eyes, eyewash, inflammation
79 fennel fish, salad, vegetable, bread, tea, herb chapped skin, constipation, flatulence, infection, obesity, sore eyes, toxicity, cataract, poor lactation, cough, blindness
80 fenugreek salad, vegetable, roast meat, curry, chutney, spice bruise, cough, enteritis, poor appetite, poor lactation, flatulence, inflammation, sciatica, swollen gland, tuberculosis, sore throat, impotence, malaise
81 feverfew soup, stew, flavoring, tea arthritis, fever, insomnia, malaise, migraine, sore throat, vertigo, impeded menstrual flow, bee stings, hysteria
82 fireweed potherb, soup, vegetable, salad, tea substitute spasm, skin disease, asthma, cough, hiccups
83 flax snack food boil, constipation, inflammation, lung infection
84 four-o’clock tea obesity, joint pain
85 garlic salad, dressing, marinade, grilled meat, fish, spread infection, cough, cold, snakebite, high blood pressure, kidney disease, plague, worms
86 geranium sauce, custard, jelly, ices, soup, syrup, jam, vinegar, cake, wine, tea, pâté, fish, pastry, sandwich dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, edema, premenstrual tension, herpes
87 ginger spice, flavoring, tea, oil cold, flu, cough, hangover, malaise, sore muscle, sinusitis, cramp, kidney pain, flatulence
88 ginseng tea, candy anemia, congestion, cough, malaise, poor appetite, tension, impotence
89 golden orach salad, vegetable, soup garnish gout, jaundice, sore throat
90 goldenrod tea dropsy, bruise, colic, sweating, flatulence, kidney disease
91 goldenseal tea morning sickness, eyewash, stomachache, ulcer, vaginal infection, tuberculosis, cancer
92 Good King Henry flour, gruel, vegetable, salad, casserole, stuffing, soup, pie cough, sores
93 goosefoot vegetable, potherb, salad sores, constipation, anemia, kidney disease
94 gum arabic wax, candy sore throat, enteritis, cough, chap
95 heather liqueur, sweetener snakebite, kidney stone, insomnia, cough
96 heliotrope food fragrance epilepsy, hysteria, cough, convulsion
97 hibiscus tea menstrual cramp, indigestion, asthma
98 highbush cranberry jelly, dried fruit cramp, mumps, spasm, palpitation,childbirth pain
99 hops flavoring, beer, salad, soup, vegetable indigestion, inflammation, insomnia, pain, poor appetite, toothache
100 horehound candy, tea cold, asthma, snakebite, poor lactation, hysteria, jaundice, constipation
101 horseradish salad, roast meat, fish, slaw, dip, pickles, cheese, mayonnaise, stuffing chapped skin, cough, edema, sore muscle, worms, rheumatism, sciatica
102 horsetail tea infection, split fingernail, thin blood
103 houseleek salad burn, corn, cut, sore throat, stings, ulcer, wound
104 hyssop tea, seasoning, salad, oil, stew, pâté, pie, soup, pulses, fish, game, liqueur, wine bruise, cough, indigestion, bronchitis, cut, poor appetite, skin disease, rheumatism
105 Iceland moss vegetable malaise, poor appetite, bronchitis, asthma
106 Irish moss thickening, vegetable, stew, jelly chap, constipation, sore throat, skin irritation
107 jack-by-the-hedge meat, cheese, sandwich, sauce edema
108 juniper pâté, marinade, stuffing, gin, sauerkraut, ham, game dressing, stew plague, leprosy, cold, worms, dropsy, cystitis, stomachache, sores, scurvy, childbirth pain
109 karaya tree dressing, cheese, dessert infection, constipation
110 kava beverage heart pain, malaise, urinary disease, nerves, infection
111 kelp vegetable, salt substitute asthma, skin irritation, arthritis, constipation, radiation poisoning
112 khella toothpicks heart pain, bronchitis, kidney stone, allergy, asthma
113 knotweed meal skin irritation, kidney pain, hemorrhoids
114 kola nut beverage, soft drink obesity, heart pain, nausea, headache, asthma
115 lady’s bedstraw cheese, food coloring insomnia, malaise
116 lady’s mantle salad/td> enteritis, menstrual dysfunction, pain
117 laurel tea, herb, food fragrance rheumatism, headache, pain
118 lavender candy, garnish, oil asthma, enteritis, eczema, hypertension, hay fever, headache, insomnia, stroke, nausea, oily hair, sallow skin, sinusitis, sprain, swelling, tension, fainting
119 lavender cotton oil snakebite, infection, worms, itch
120 lemon beverage, salad, poultry, stirfry, baking congestion, cough, fever, rheumatism, rhinitis, headache, infection
121 lemon balm beverage, salad, custard, roast meat congestion, cough, fever, headache, sores, stings, tension
122 lemon grass salad, tea oily skin, tension
123 lettuce salad, soup allergy, congestion, insomnia
124 licorice candy, flavoring, beer, sweetening, tea congestion, constipation, cough, fever
125 lovage meat, pâté, broth, cheese, stew, candy, salad, bread, pastry, poultry, tea, soup, vegetable edema, rheumatism, menstrual pain, halitosis, flatulence
126 marjoram soup, pasta, fish, game, sausage, meat loaf, tea, vegetable, omelette, cheese, stuffing, herb chill, hay fever, muscle cramp, tension, upset stomach, toothache, itch, snakebite, flatulence
127 marsh marigold vegetable, food dye, pickles wart, rheumatism
128 marshmallow cheese, salad, vegetable burn, cough, enteritis, inflammation, insomnia, skin disease, teething
129 maté beverage malaise, fatigue
130 mayapple fruit liver cancer, constipation
131 meadowsweet beer, wine, mead, herb, flavoring, jam, fruit enteritis, edema, fever, gastritis, inflammation, heartburn, pain, tension, ulcer, skin
132 milkweed vegetable asthma, insomnia, ringworm, dropsy, poison ivy, venereal disease
133 mint sauce, syrup, vinegar, tea, potato, cream cheese, yogurt, dessert, pastry, candy, garnish, liqueur acne, enteritis, flu, halitosis, muscle pain, sinusitis, indigestion, morning sickness, nausea, oily hair
134 moonseed soft drink tuberculosis, lymph infection, arthritis, malaise, constipation, kidney disease
135 mormon tea beverage syphilis, cold, fever, headache, sores, burn, bleeding, asthma, sunburn
136 motherwort beverage/td> palpitation, cramp, rabies, childbirth pain, convulsion
137 mouse-ear tea liver disease, intestinal pain, asthma, sore throat, nosebleed
138 mountain ash pie, jelly, jam, wine enteritis, hemorrhoids, scurvy, inflammation
139 mugwort tea, herb sore feet, childbirth pain, palsy, menopause, tension, epilepsy
140 mulberry jam, wine constipation, edema, weakness
141 mullein liqueur congestion, cough, earache, hoarseness, migraine
142 mustard spread, flavoring, eggs, mayonnaise, sandwich, salad, pickles, syrup arthritis, chapped skin, chill, pain, laryngitis, pleurisy, congestion, inflammation, sciatica, poison
143 myrtle beer, soup, stew, grilled and roast meat, barbecue, flavoring bruise, hemorrhoids, infection, psoriasis, sinusitis, upset stomach
144 nasturtium salad, flavoring, garnish, sauce rhinitis, scurvy
145 nettle salad, soup, beer, tea, vegetable acne, edema, indigestion, scrofula, bleeding, gout, oily skin, inflammation, menstrual pain, tuberculosis
146 oats cereal, flour, beer indigestion, spasm, skin inflammation, depression, high cholesterol
147 onions vegetable, herb, flavoring, salad, pickles high blood pressure, wart, acne, infection, flatulence, kidney disease, diabetes, pneumonia
148 oregano pizza, chili, eggs, cheese, vegetable, fish, stuffing, barbecue cough, gallbladder disease, menstrual pain, headache, irritability, rheumatism, stiff neck, seasickness, toothache, upset stomach
149 Oswego tea oil, tea cold, sore throat, sinus pain
150 pansy candy, salad, garnish congestion, toxins, skin inflammation
151 papaya juice, fruit wrap, meat tenderizer back pain, anticoagulant
152 parsley salad, garnish, bouquet garni, sandwich, soup, fried fish, eggs acne, dandruff, dry hair, dry skin, halitosis
153 pepper, black condiment, oil, flavoring flatulence, heart pain, kidney disease, infection
154 pepper, chili flavoring, salad, pickles bursitis, rheumatism, infection, poor circulation
155 periwinkle tea cancer, stings, eye pain, congestion, sore throat
156 pine nut snack, thickener bronchitis, eczema, constipation, enteritis
157 pineapple fruit, beverage, tenderizer skin inflammation, abscess, ulcer, anticoagulant
158 pipsissewa root beer, candy kidney stone, sore eyes, leg swelling, rheumatism, infection
159 poppy bread, cake, biscuit, soup, oil, garnish, condiment, food dye, wine, pastry cough, enteritis, pain, insomnia
160 prickly lettuce salad, vegetable poor lactation, chapped skin, kidney disease
161 pumpkin vegetable, oil, snack, pie, fruit butter worms, burn, urinary pain
162 purslane salad, vegetable, soup, pickles, flavoring edema, poor appetite
163 pussytoes chewing gum cough, fever, skin irritation
164 quassia dessert malaise, liver disease, gall bladder pain, leukemia
165 raspberry syrup, tea, fruit, jam, jelly spasm, plaque on teeth, heart disease, childbirth pain, cramp, cold, fever, enteritis, skin irritation
166 rose pickles, pie, salad, garnish, liqueur, wine, tea, syrup, jam, sauce conjunctivitis, poor circulation, tension
167 rosemary roast meat, game, pâté, bread, vinegar, orange, sausage, herb, oil, potato asthma, chill, dandruff, gout, rheumatism, indigestion, infection, soreness, baldness, malaise, oily hair, toothache, poor circulation
168 rue milk, cheese, marinade, eggs, fish, sauce diabetes, edema, epilepsy, worms, spasm, fever, hysteria, wound, poor lactation, rheumatism, skin ulcer, menstrual pain
169 safflower cooking oil, food dye edema, hypertension, skin disease, fever, constipation
170 saffron food coloring, curry, cake Alzheimer’s disease, tumor, depression, breast cancer, antihistamine, immunity
171 sage cheese, dip, soup, vinegar, bread, biscuit, omelette, vegetable, tea, beer, herb dirty pores, dry hair, fever, sweating, tension, sore throat, menstrual pain, dysentery, halitosis, poor lactation, colic
172 sagebrush liqueur enteritis, flatulence, sores, bullet wound
173 Saint-John’swort salad, tea anemia, bruise, headache, insomnia, pain, ulcer, rheumatism, tension, varicose veins, wound, tuberculosis, depression
174 sassafras tea, oil, syrup, root beer malaise, blood disease, syphilis
175 scurvy grass herb, salad, potherb scurvy, gout, rheumatism, kidney stone, acne
176 sea holly vegetable cystitis, malaise, prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, urethritis, wound
177 sea onion stock, vinegar congestion, cough, kidney problems, heart disease, poison
178 seneca snakeroot syrup, tea, candy pleurisy, cough, cold, asthma, infection
179 sesame snack food, bread, oil, vegetable, casserole, sauce, pâté, biscuit constipation, hemorrhoids
180 shepherd’s purse vegetable, salad, stew, herb bleeding, hemorrhoids, skin inflammation
181 silverweed vegetable, tuber cramp, indigestion, sore gums, sore throat, toothache
182 skirret stir-fry vegetable, meat, stew, pie, pickles, salad edema, indigestion, jaundice, urinary disease
183 slippery elm tea kidney disease, childbirth pain, enteritis, skin disease, diphtheria
184 smallage salad, cheese, poultry, stuffing, garnish, fish, soup colic, diabetes, flatulence, indigestion, insomnia, kidney disease, poor appetite, urinary disease
185 smartweed seasoning, food coloring cholera, earache, epilepsy, toothache, skin irritation, contraception
186 soapwort garnish, fruit salad, beer, salad acne, psoriasis
187 sorrel sauce, soup, meat, salad, fish, poultry, eggs, flavoring, vegetable, herb boil, dry skin, fever, kidney disease, liver disease, gout, sunburn, ulcer, wound, constipation
188 soursop blueberry fruit, tea bladder disease, diabetes, worms, skin irritation
189 speedwell tea substitute congestion, skin irritation
190 spicebush spice, tea cold, malaise, worms, dysentery, bruise, rheumatism, menstrual pain
191 spikenard root beer, syrup malaise, rheumatism, gout, deafness, syphilis, earache, broken bone, angina
192 summer savory beans, sauce, roast meat, soup, vinegar, beverage indigestion, nausea
193 sundew syrup cough, spasm, tuberculosis
194 sunflower snack food, oil, salad, sandwich, vegetable cough, kidney disease
195 sweet cicely stew, fruit, jam, salad, cake, pudding, fruit salad, stir-fry,dressing, sweetener indigestion, inflammation, poor appetite
196 sweet flagcandy candy cramp, flatulence, malaise, fever, toothache
197 sweet herb sweetener, potherb diabetes
198 sweet woodruff beverage, wine, cordial, herb stomach pain, tension, poison, wound
199 sweetgum flavoring congestion, infection, ringworm, herpes, acne, hemorrhoids
200 tansy stew, flavoring, sausage, meat, pie, omelette, food coloring, stuffing bruise, sprain, rheumatism, menstrual pain, cold, stomachache, spasm
201 tarragon fines herbes, sauce, soup, fish, vegetable, eggs, roast chicken, grilled meat indigestion, poor appetite, menstrual pain, scurvy, toothache, malaise
202 thistle vegetable, oil, salad, tea cancer, rhinitis, skin ulcer, fever, liver disease, contraception
203 thyme bouquet garni, meat, fish, game, meat, vegetable, fruit salad, jam, oil arthritis, chill, dandruff, hay fever, indigestion, infection, malaise, poor appetite, nightmares, sore throat, athlete’s foot, enteritis
204 trefoil tea nerves, spasm
205 turmeric pickles, mustard, food dye bruise, gas, worms, skin lesion, infection, liver disease, arthritis
206 valerian soup, stew cramp, exhaustion, headache, insomnia, tension
207 vervain liqueur, stew bruise, exhaustion, fever, liver disease, sore throat, urinary infection
208 violet garnish, candy, cake, food dye, ice cream, salad, syrup, pudding, punch bruise, constipation, cough, pleurisy, jaundice, headache, insomnia, stress, epilepsy, skin cancer, kidney disease
209 water lily stir-fry vegetable, boiled tuber enteritis, skin irritation, excessive libido
210 watercress salad, soup, sandwich, garnish scurvy, malaise, cough, asthma, acne, contraception
211 white oak nut, tea sores, wound, skin irritation, hemorrhoids
212 wild cherry syrup, jam, jelly, wine, gin enteritis, lung inflammation, worms, ulcer, abscess
213 wild ginger candy, flavoring menstrual pain, flatulence, malaise, fever
214 wild licorice sugar substitute, candy pain, earache, fever, ulcer, rheumatism, cough, childbirth pain, arthritis
215 wild strawberry meat, gravy, fruit, jam, candy, cake, pie, syrup, cordial, liqueur, tea anemia, enteritis, edema, poor appetite, fainting, fever, gout, kidney disease
216 willow mashed vegetable pain, nausea, cold, fever, insomnia, indigestion, inflammation
217 winter savory vegetable, jelly, herb, flavoring fever, flatulence, indigestion, pain, sore throat, stings
218 wintergreen beverage, tea, candy headache, infection, pain, rheumatism, sore throat, skin disease, inflammation
219 witch hazel snack seed, oil strain, fever, bruise, bleeding, menstrual pain, hemorrhoids, eyewash, postpartum soreness, acne
220 wormwood liqueur, bitters, wine, beer, food dye, flavoring gout, malaise, bruise, worms, swelling, menstrual pain
221 woundwort tuber, vegetable, pickles wound, bleeding, vertigo, dysentery
222 yarrow tea, spice, food dye cystitis, flu, hangover, hypertension, infection, oily hair, oily skin, wound, earache
223 yellow bedstraw food dye, cheese, beverage sore feet, bleeding, styptic, kidney disease, epilepsy
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