Top 6 Health Benefits of Lemon

Health Benefits Lemon Foodhyme

Lemon contains plenty of vitamin C, small amounts of some B vitamins and E. It also contains substantial quantities of magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, copper, zinc, iron and manganese. Vitamin C from lemon can be consumed easily from squeezing sour lemon on food.

Lemon activates the immune system, is beneficial to the lining of the digestive tract and stomach, stimulates the pancreas and liver and relieves rheumatism and arthritis. Note: Lime juice can be used as substitute for lemon juice for its medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of Lemon – Here are 6 evidence-based health benefits of lemons.

1 Chilblain Rub a slice of lemon dipped in coarse sea salt on unbroken affected skin.
2 Cold sore, shingle Apply directly lemon juice to unbroken skin.
3 Cough, cold Take 1 teaspoon honey with hot lemon at bed-time.
4 Itch Rub fresh lemon juice on the itching area.
5 Refresh body Mix lime in the bath to invigorate the weak body and lightens headaches.
6 Toxin Squeeze some lemon juice into warm water and drink it to help cleanse the body of toxins.


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